Thursday, June 15, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I saw Al Gore's documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, on Monday. I urge you to go see it and bring as many people as you can with you and then I urge you to convince others to go see it as well. Check your smaller independent theatres for show times.

Please visit Climate Crisis for more information on the film and more information on global warming. It really is a great site.

This blog may be undergoing some cosmetic as well as content changes. I finally have something to say and something to wrap my arms around. I must say I hit the ground running after seeing the film. I've been a busy gal since then and I will share how I've been helping this cause in a moment.

I find it coincidental Al Gore was featured on Larry King Live Tuesday night. What a brilliant man. His film is inspiring, informative and you may even chuckle a few times. He interviews wonderfully and I shake my head now as I shook my head then when the man this country elected did not become our next President. I may not have the credentials to make the following statement but I believe it with my whole heart: This country would not be in such awful shape had Gore been elected. When I say bad shape, I mean environmentally as well as ALL THE OTHER REASONS we are in such bad shape. The United States today hardly resembles the U.S. it was six years ago.

Back to global warming. I knew nothing about it last week and I admit that. Now I feel I could hold my own in a conversation with even the toughest republican or anti cutting emissions type person. What I wasn't clear on after seeing the film, I researched. I've researched until I felt confident I knew what I was talking about then I got pro-active and I know this first blog is only the beginning.

I've checked out other legitimate sites and printed out a petition for support of the business friendly, bi-partisan Climate Stewardship Act, which would tackle the growing problem of global warming by putting national caps in greenhouse gas emissions. You can find printable global warming petitions here and you can sign it electronically and send it to others here at the site of the Environmental Defense Action Fund. The goal is one milllion signatures and last I checked, there were 595,473. The site at even lists the breakdown of signatures by state and country. Very cool.

So what else have I done to cut carbon dioxide emissions by hundreds of pounds within a few days?

  1. Instead of putting on my space heater at work when I'm chilly, I've put on a sweater.
  2. I've turned off my computer when I leave work at the end of the day. Something I never do.
  3. I've used my air conditioner sparingly and on energy saver mode.
  4. I've used less hot water when washing dishes and I bought new cold water detergent for my washing machine. (I forget who made it.) Not only will you save on your electricty bill by using less hot water but you'll help the environment at the same time. Your clothes are still getting clean.
  5. I've asked Mike to put up a clothes line in our new backyard so I will not need to use the dryer. He's excited with his new task.
  6. I put compact flourescent light bulbs on my shopping list. I plan to change all my lightbulbs by the end of next week. I'll save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide per bulb.
  7. I don't drive much. That's nothing new. Walk more when you can. It's not only good for the planet but good for your heart and belly too.

That's just the beginning people! I've already prevented carbon dioxide from entering our Earth's atmosphere. It's not hard...just be more mindful!

I can't wait to build my compost heap. My goal by buying products with less packaging, recycling, and putting some trash into my compost will be to have only one bag of garbage per week! What a goal that is!!

On a side note: I've been pulling white paper out of the trash at work and putting it into our big blue recycling bins. We don't recycle bottles or cans here. Something told me I should double check about this whole recycling thing. So I made a call to my trusty contact who works with the building and lo and behold, we are recycling white paper under false pretenses. It all goes right into the trash. I was appalled same as she was when she found it. We are committing ourselves to informing others and buidling up a small committed team to bring recycling into the United Way Building on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Sarah is making calls as we speak.

See. it's not so hard. It doesn't take planning or an organization. You alone can cut your own personal emissions. Check your tire pressure. You'll save gas, money, and emissions. Plant a tree! Over the course of its lifetime it will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.

Go see An Inconvenient Truth. I urge you. Forward this post to others. Send out the petitions. We don't have much time to right the wrong. Start right now.

We can do this.

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theKirkness said...

i really Do want to see it.. i was just giving you a hard time in the emails.

i read somewhere about the bottle recylcling. some city recycling programs send thier bottles to recycling plants overseas that melt down and recycle plastic for like Pepsi and Coke. but they dont have any environmental laws there so they just spew black smoke into the air. double check who and how your shit gets recycled because it might be worse for the planet.