Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving Stats

Well we did it! We made it through the day...barely. I see moving is much like playing tennis and not unlike frisbee. Don't do it with your significant other. The chances of a break up ensuing are quite high.

Hours spent moving - 5
Cost of move including gas and tolls - $84.80
Bruises - 8
Actual injuries - 3 (A pinky, a thigh and a forearm.)
Times Jess called Mike a "fucking asshole" - who's counting?
Times Mike called Jess a "fucking bitch" - Who? Me?
Children within a mile we have scarred for life with our raging antics - They were at school thank God.
Pieces of furniture hoisted up and over a second floor balcony - 2
Casualties - Zero
Pieces of furniture thrown into the street in a fit of rage - Zero, but just barely.

A success!!!!

Father's Day Dinner for Mike's parents was a huge success. It was a blast cooking and cleaning and getting ready for that. I'm a damn good hostess I think. Mike's mom is a damn helpful guest. It was fun. The most awesome thing about it and a brand new experience; they were the ones heading out for a long drive home while I got to shut the door, pour a glass of wine and collapse onto the couch. That was awesome!

It was a good weekend. Things are coming along. Now I just have to gather up small stuff and the remaining contents of my closet.

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Doug Walsh said...

The only thing I can think of that sucks more than spending 26 consecutive hours in planes and airports is moving. Looks like both our day's sucked. Oh well....

Glad you're in your new home. Good luck to you and Mike!