Thursday, June 29, 2006

A message to anyone not doing anything about Global Warming

Washington D.C. is flooding, Philadelphia is flooding. The Northeast is flooding. Texas, yeah, that dry state, is flooding in areas. Rivers are pouring ashore.

This is not normal. These are direct effects of Global Warming.

The best comment I've seen so far of Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenint Truth, is this by Roger Ebert:
"You owe it to yourself to see this film. If you do not, and you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to."

I continue to urge everyone to see this film which is now even easier since it's been picked up by major theatres like Loews. Do it for yourself, do it for your grandchildren and do it for our Earth.

Thankfully, this issue has recently gotten a lot of press. I thank Al Gore for that. Bceause of him, the truth is getting out there and people are starting to act. The issue has once again gone to Senate. Forgive me as my research is currently at home and I am at work. But basically, there needs to be laws regulating carbon dioxide emissions. The greedy men who this might hurt the pockets of refuse to believe that carbon dioxide is in fact an issue.

Remember when our Ozone was a huge problem? You don't hear much about the Ozone anymore do you? That's because we fixed it. We can fix Global Warming as well. We just need to convince as many people as we possibly can that this issue needs fixing.

Go see An Inconvenient Truth and take as many people as you can with you. At the very least, start being more aware. I thought I was pretty good at not being wasteful. Oh man, was I wrong. I have cut my personal CO2 emissions by half. I've posted this before but here it is again:

If you'd like to see what you can do to cut your emissions, check this out.

It's a pdf file so print it out and throw it on peoples' desks (who you know won't toss it), put it on your fridge and memorize it!!

Our Earth is crying out to us. Her tears are flooding our world. Please help her and all the rest of us.

Thank you in advance for doing what's right.

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theKirkness said...

i still havent seen it.. sorry. but i just wanted to say, Congress cant fix Global Warming because they are too busy banning Flag burning and Gay Marriage. Our Administration is too busy making up cool diversionary slogans like "Home-Grown Terror" and "Cut 'N' Run" to hide shit that should really be thought about.. like global warming and the economy and dying soldiers.

this also reminded me of something that happend when we were down visiting megs dad in Arizona.. I saw one of those trucks that has a billboard on it. and commented that it was completly pointless vehicle. and that driving a truck around town serving no purpose other than to advertise should be illegal, considering that we have smog laws and many legal concerns with the environmnent recently.

he kinda got defensive and said some legal bla bla bla about how it would be illegal to make it illegal because it would prevent revenue or something.

then i remembered he's a republican.. and makes a living putting ads on School busses. nice, yea, he's going to hell.