Friday, June 30, 2006

Recycling Update

It works!!!! If you start talking about something and then they start talking about it too, change really does happen!!!

I'm referring to a recent post about how our Building supposively recycles, i.e. the big blue paper bins, but then we found out we were being misled. Well, I started talking to some people and then they started talking then no one knew exactly what was up and the game of telephone ensued and today we were all sent an official memorandum clearing up the mess and stating that:

"As of today, any paper placed in the locked bins that are between both elevators on each floor is picked up by Recall Corporation and taken away for destruction, after the destruction everything is taken to a paper mill to be recycled."

Even better, in the list of what we can place in aforementioned bins there was colored paper, post-its, photos and manilla folders!!! It's 11:36 and there is nothing in my garbage can yet!

I am so effin' happy about this!! Even better still is that now that the memo went out, EVERYONE knows and everyone's mind has been refreshed back to recycling and now everyone is more likely to be mindful of this.

This is just the beginning.......

Speak up/Speak out.

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