Friday, March 23, 2007


The following is a picture of me taken around 8:00 AM Thursday morning. Notice the long hair? The longest it's ever been in fact.

Below is a picture of me taken around 8:00 PM same day. See the difference?

I have done foul, mean, rotten, unforgivable things to my hair. And who could forget the time I shaved it all off right down to the skin with the exception of some bleached white bangs? My oldest brother I'm sure will not since I made that choice three months before his wedding. Yikes. It was alright for the wedding.

So after all the dye jobs, after all the times I let drunk friends cut it with paper scissors and all the strife, imagine my surprise when I actually felt nervous about seeing it go. I was very surprised with my new feelings of attachment.

I made the decision to cut it on Tuesday. Some days I loved it and some days I hated it and Tuesday I looked in the mirror and thought, "Holy shit, I look Amish." It was incredibly boring, had no sense of style whatsoever and it just hung there thin and straight and weighted down. (Here I had trouble coming up with a simile. Woulda been a good place for something witty eh? - I am accepting suggestions on the comment board)

So I made the appointment and was feeling sentimental and nervous before I left the house the day of so I snapped the first picture.

I won't bore you with the details. I went to a really real stylist in an expensive European-esque Salon and was treated like a leper. No surprise there. My hair was one inch short of being able to donate my ponytail to Locks of Love and I was a little disappointed because my mom has to wear wigs and I would have liked to give my hair away so that a small child could have a wig made of my hair. My hair was wet when she measured it and I did think of waiting a month or two for the extra inch but I was already committed - now or never.

So I told the stylist what I wanted she told me it would look bad on me I asked her what would look good on me she said she didn't know - a shag? I said can you show me what you mean she said you don't know what a shag looks like? I said I do she was mean to me and belittled me a bit I considered leaving I finally said just do this (picture) and she finally turned nice and did what I asked.

It was a jarring experience but I got a good haircut that really complements my fine, thin, straight hair. Styling it is fun and a cinch and everyone seems to love it. Mike really loves it and was extra nice to me last night. I asked what's up? He responded with the famous, "It's like a having a new girlfriend!" then he turned all red and we laughed.

Overall, I'm pleased.


Perceptiveone said...

I really think the short cut is perfect on you! It really looks great.

Doug Walsh said...

Looks great! I forgot how long your hair had gotten.