Friday, March 16, 2007

This isn't a family affair! Is it?

Mike and I started taking swing dance classes and last night was our second class. Last week we naturally migrated to the right of the room and had a very nice, shy, older couple on our right and a younger attractive couple on our left taking the class in preparation for their upcoming wedding. Last week the left side of the room was comprised of people who all knew one another: an older couple and their daughter, a cousin, aunt, loud obnoxious older male who knew them somehow and so on. There were six of them last week.

Well, last night I couldn't help but notice the class grew. The family had another older women and a somewhat creepy looking guy in his forties. He reminded me of Crazy Eddie to be honest. So it didn't really matter but I wondered if these new additions were paying patrons or simply additional friends and/or family who tagged along with the others.

Nevertheless, we all naturally migrated to the same spots we took last week and spent some time reviewing the moves from last week. This naturally took longer since there were two new people who had to learn last week's moves from scratch.

So we learned our new move, the left pass, and I loved it because the man spins in this one and Mike really looked sharp doing his turn. It was actually tricky at first but I find that all these moves look confusing until we actually pair up and try them out and work out the kinks.

We were supposed to learn two new moves last night but only got to the one. The far left of the room where everyone knew one another was having too much damn fun and goofing off and they couldn't get the move down and our teacher had to spend a great deal of time going couple to couple to get them to focus and learn the move. It really pissed me off.

It apparently pissed off the younger woman getting married because she turned to us on the right and said, "Hey, lets hear it for the good side!" and we all clapped for us because we nailed the move.

So with twenty minutes left, the left side of the room finally got their shit together but our teacher said twenty minutes wasn't enough time to teach us the new move. Total bummer. So Mike and I just danced solidifying our two awesome moves we learned so far and adding our own personal styling. It was a blast choreographing with him.

Mike really got into too. He would get excited and stop me and go, "Jess! Jess! After we do our left pass we should go back into the open position because going into the open after the left pass looks better than going into the open after the out around and in and then we'll look cooler!"

He took me out for a drink afterwards too. So that was cool.

I highly recommend all couples take dance lessons. But ladies, let your man lead.

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