Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's raining friends

I think it's so funny when people say that once they start dating after a long dry spell it seems like other possibilities sprout up everywhere. It must be that people seem to glow when they're happy and hence seem more appealing.

All I know is that I hung out with Kelly on Sunday and made plans to meet up again on Thursday. Ever since then I feel busy but in a wonderful way. An old friend from Carteret e-mailed me out of the blue to say she'll be in my area on Saturday and would like to come over. An old friend from a previous job has been trying to get together with me but it never really works out. Randy's girlfriend broke up with him and my phone's been blowing up with text messages from him.

All this activity is a breath of fresh air.

On another note, I finally bought what I thought would be the best decoupage book to help me get started and I read half of it last night and am finally ready to get started. I can't wait to set up my workstation and get started this weekend.

I've been wondering at what point in our "relationship" I could invite Kelly over to my house. She made that curiosity easy on me when she suggested I shoot right to her house on Thursday after work to see her place and meet her boyfriend and then grab a quick bite and make it to a 7:00 showing of Pan's Labyrinth. I think I'll see what she's up to this weekend and see if she'd like to come over on Sunday.

I hope she's the type who can hang indoors and just talk or watch a movie or have dinner over. I can't afford to keep going out for long.

These worries are blessings. I rather have them than not.

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Doug Walsh said...

I like the new look of the blog. Not as, ummm, depressing I think the word I'm looking for. :)

Also glad to hear about the gal-pal. I must say as odd as it sounds, aside from my boys back in NJ all of my current friends out here on the west coast I met online through gaming community sites or via the local mountain biking club (which I only know about because of a website).

Kristin used to feel the same way as you back in NC -- she didn't have any gal pals. But now she does and it makes a big difference. I'm happy for you.