Monday, March 12, 2007

I sure do hope I'm not alone

Just a second ago - I mean this quite literally - just now ten seconds ago found out "segway" is not how you spell "segue". I always read right over the word "segue" never knowing what it meant and always pronouncing it "Sehg" one syllable.

How can I make this mistake, I being the amazing speller that I am? I will tell you why. There used to be this stupid Jersey Hardcore band named "Segway" and I had the t-shirt to prove it. I am just in absolute shock.

Bands really need to be better role models.


Perceptiveone said...

Yeah, I know! For the longest time I thought KORN was the correct spelling! ;-)

heheh It's an honest mistake. I forget how I learned about the true spelling, but I originally thought it was "Segway" as well.

Doug Walsh said...

[insert Nelson laugh here]

Don't feel bad... I used to think the band INXS was pronounced the "Inkses".