Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's free? No thanks.

Ahhh, the first day of Spring. Also known to many as free Rita's day along with free iced coffee at DD day. A friend of mine shares a tradition with her boyfriend where they hit up all Rita's Italian Ices within a fifteen mile radius of where they live getting a different flavor at each one.

I just went out and bought cigarettes and walked right past a Dunkin Donuts on my way there. I hate this Dunkin and never go there since management just can't seem to grasp that a Dunkin on a corner of Center City should have speedy and capable staff. I went there a handful of times in the morning in the past and had to walk out twice and have seen frustrated customers walk out every other time complaining of how late they are going to be and couldn't even get a coffee while doing so. It's super bad.

But I thought to myself, It's 3:30, how bad could it be? So I walked in and right up to the counter and requested a small iced french vanilla coffee.

"No flavors!"
"Ok, then a regular please."
"Cream sugah?" She then already had it in hand.
Maybe I'm the asshole for throwing off their groove but I figured there was no one behind me and if I'm going to get one then I should get one that I'll actually drink.
"Actually may I have skim and two sweet n low?" Before I was even done saying this I began to reach into my wallet to throw some change in the tip cup and hadn't even unzipped my wallet before...
"You bettah put somethin in my [tip] cup!"
I was appalled and almost said something like I have every single time in the past when someone demands I tip them for doing their job. I felt my face turn red and my blood pressure rise and I looked this woman in the face and simply said, "you bet."
"Good cause I've been here all day."

I threw my two quarters in the cup and took my coffee. My two sweet n lows were laying across the lid. Since when did Dunkin stop making your coffee for you?

I got back to the office and saw there was no ice in my cup and it looked like a watered down mud puddle so I tossed it without even inserting my straw.

Should I have known better than to get a free iced coffee on free iced coffee day? Have they been shelling these things out all day and maybe I was just too late and they were sick of it all by then?

I may never know. But I do know I will never ever go back to Dunkin Donuts on the corner of 17th and Arch Street again. I also know that if it's free, it's probably not even worth it.

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theKirkness said...

dude eff that bitch and eff that shit. you should have not even have tipped her. you should have said

"tip cup? if i tip this shit wouldnt be free would it?"

i hate tipping, and especially when its expected or demanded.

damn i really liked Dunkins when i was on tour. I'm really picky with my cream and "sugah" and was kind of turned off that they made it for you, but somehow they got it perfect.