Monday, March 05, 2007

Wanted: Normal nice girl age 23 - 28

I've often said one of the major missing factors in my life is a girlfriend - female companionship other than from my mom. In an act of desperation I checked out some strictly platonic woman for woman personals. There were so few so I wrote my own and e-mailed with a couple women a little bit. It was overall very disappointing and it made me feel pretty lame.

But I spent last week e-mailing with Kelly. She seemed smart and pretty cool and we had things in common. We arranged via e-mail to meet yesterday for lunch.

So we met. And she's totally cool and cute too. We had a drink at the bar at a Mexican place and chatted a bit then switched to a table for food. I must say I enjoyed myself. I didn't feel terribly uncomfortable and I just was myself. She talks a lot like me too so that was cool.

So after we ate she asked me if I'd like to go to the movies. (I kind of thought she was enjoying herself but that sealed the deal.) So we went to Barnes & Noble next door so I could get a new book then we saw Black Snake Moan which was entertaining but I don't recommend it unless you want to see Christina Ricci in her panties for 45 minutes. Then I left my book in her car and went home but not before she asked me if I'd like to get together this week and I said yes.

I'm still really pissed I forgot my book though. :-( But I was happy.

Some stats:

Kelly is S. Korean but adopted by a white family when she was 18 months old and has an older (also adopted) brother but not her real brother from S. Korea.

Raised near Ocean City, MD

Lived in Philly for two years (like me)

Now lives with her boyfriend in Glassboro, NJ (20 min. drive from my house)

Kelly, 25 and boyfriend, Jim, 30

Kelly is still a student but has a degree in Biology and now in Nursing School and aspires to get her Master's in anesteciology (?).

Overall cool chick.

So whatever will be is fine. I just laugh because I feel like I'm dating so I think I'll have to go out a bit more than usual while I'm sealing this friendship before I can invite her over to my place.

I'm happy with how it went.

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theKirkness said...


wanted: best friend.

you should check out my latest blog. its craigslist related.

and fyi, i posted a platonic lunch buddy ad once as a joke and actually met a lesbian chick i have lunch with regularly.