Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cliche Marketing Slogan

It was a nice weekend but it went by really fast. I got to spend four days and five nights with Mike. I sent him off in my barefeet and pajamas with a hot bagel, hot coffee, and last night's leftovers neatly in tupperware at 6:30 this morning. It was really nice being picked up yesterday by him and going home and making dinner and relaxing in pajamas. It's so rare we aren't rushing.

We went to the wedding Saturday and I looked great. I wouldn't have if it wasn't for mom. I went over in the morning to show her my dress and she was really amazed. The dress really was made for me. I originally had no intentions of doing the bra thing and originally mom didn't seem to think I needed one.

But then she made me show stepdad how pretty I looked and the first words out of his mouth, 'You gonna wear a bra with that dress?"

We reevaluated the situation and saw that yes, I did need one afterall. So then mom decided I needed quite a few things.

She sent me out bitching and moaning in the torrential downpour in my dress, hose, and heels and I returned tired, wet, stressed, with a head ache, and downright annoyed. But my breasts looked damn good!

$13.77 at Payless on cheap black heels because your mother insists you must wear black not silver.
$22.60 at way out of the way specialty lingerie shop on special low cut, your breasts will look hot as hell and never move again bra.
$6.99 at Target on really cheap black chandelier earrings because once again, your mother insists you must wear black not silver.

Your mom making you go out last second and spend all your own money on stuff just because she knows how beautiful you'll look: Priceless

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Doug Walsh said...

Make sure to send a photo if you don't end up posting one.

And please make sure to go at least one month before talking about your breasts again.

My quota for time spent reading about my sister's breasts has been reached. Possibly forever.