Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Falling can be so much fun

I fell down Sunday night. Well, I kind of tripped, rolled and crashed! I laid in a crumpled heap on the sidewalk crying and laughing and gasping for breath seeing stars. All I saw was Mike's and our friend Frost's feet. All I heard was Mike's hysterical laughter and Frost's, 'Oh My God. Are you ok?' over and over and over.

I was so embarassed because Frost saw it too. I don't really get embarassed in front of Mike anymore. So I didn't want to look up and I kept laughing and crying. "Is she crying or laughing?" asks Frost.

In between fits of suffocating laughter, Mike manages to get out, "I don't know. That was so funny."

I finally can breathe long enough to get out, "you're supposed to wait until you make sure I'm ok before you start laughing, you fucking jerk!" I keep laughing and crying both almost hysterically. Mike's laughing. Frost is concerned.

I manage to pick myself up with Frost's help. (Mike is still laughing too hard to help.)

I go back and examine the giant hole in the lawn I twisted my ankle in. Apparently, everyone we know knows to be cautious of it but me! I was happy so I frolicked down the lawn, landed my right foot in the hole, twisted, fell, and rolled down the remainder of the lawn crashing on my right side onto the sidewalk. I have a huge bruise to show for it.

I'm so happy it happened. Everytime I think of it, I smile a huge one and start laughing. This morning, I was walking to work in the rain and thought of it. I couldn't help smiling my squinty-eyes smile and chuckling to myself. Some random woman walking in my direction saw me and smiled a big one and said, 'well, good morning!'. See, my falling even made her day.

It also gave Mike a great story to tell the guys at the bar last night. I needed a good crash. It makes me feel alive again.

Oh yeah, and it turned out to be a late surprise birthday gift for Mike.

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