Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend Wrap Up

Being alone this weekend wasn't so bad. I didn't exactly do what I planned but at least I had a plan. But it really was relaxing and it was really autumny and I enjoyed reading and having no agenda. I went to bed and woke up very early both Friday and Saturday and went to the market and Saturday morning dressed quite fally and enjoyed a Starbucks pumpkin frappucino.

I cleaned and decorated the first floor for fall and Halloween and I really enjoy it.

I read a lot because I bought a great book. James Frey's A Million Little Pieces. I highly recommend it and it also has Oprah's seal of approval and although I've never seen one episode of Oprah my entire life, I trust the people who determine who gets her seal. It's a memoir, comparable to William Burroughs and it's about six weeks in rehab.

I'll talk later about the book but there is a story about that too. This book was #3 on my list but I didn't know jack about it and the first book on my list was too far away. (I was carrying enough stuff to knock B&N shelves over.)

Of course I rather had been doing one of twenty million other things this past weekend, but for what I got and little ol' me, it was pretty good.

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