Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mike got older this past weekend

Mike's Birthday was a lot of fun. I was successful with my planning and everyone who said they'd come arrived almost on time. Mike's friend Rudy whom I never met until Saturday even showed. Mike and he kind of lost touch and have trouble finding ways to get together. I got his number and gave him a call. He was very nice and Mike was excited to see him.

To the left is Mike and Randy. Randy's birthday was last week and we love Randy. He's my favorite. Shhhh.

We all met at a hibachi restaurant, only seven of us in all. Those who couldn't make it to dinner were eager to meet up with us afterwards. The food was excellent.

This is Mike and I at the restaurant.
I'm pretty buzzed here and proceeded to get drunk in the
restaurant knowing that Mike would still be sober by the time we left and completely trashed by the time we'd have to go home so I took advantage of my time not having to be designated driver.

In a nutshell, Rudy invited us all back to his house where he has a full bar for a birthday toast and we never left. The boys drank beer and hard shots. I didn't drink at all. Mike got trashed and had a great time with his boys and his girl. I'm glad I didn't plan the night past dinner because I would have never guessed we'd spend 3.5 hours at one of Mike's friend's houses that I never even met.

This is Rudy playing barkeep. Mike's old friend Craig who he also hasn't hung out with in over a year is Rudy's roommate and came home shortly after we got there. Roman, Mike's best friend, even made it due to a power outtage at work. It really turned out great.

For some reason, I can't get the last picture titled, Mike happy & drunk, to load. Hmmmm. Well, take my word for it. Mike had a great birthday.

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Doug Walsh said...

Sounds great Jess. Happy Birthday to Mike! Anyway, I sometimes can't get photos to load. When that happens, this is what you do (blogspot sometimes sucks). Save your post as a draft. Close the window. Save your photo under a different filename. And then head back to your blog, open the saved post and try to add the photo again. This almost always tricks it back into working.