Friday, October 21, 2005

Scents and Dream Therapy

I've been having bad dreams. Chalk it up to the change in weather. Last night, in reality, I was clearing off this little shelf in the shower. It's pretty high. You need to stand up on the ledge of the tub to see up there but not to reach anything so we all just keep our shower stuff up there. It's in front of this old beautiful stained glass window. Philly. Row houses are very old and the molding is all beat up and we have bugs that scatter back under the molding when you turn the lights on. I hate it. I hate bugs but I've never seen a bug I was really scared of so I deal. Oh yeah, I've only ever seen bugs in the bathroom anyway.

So Last night I was up there and there were these very tiny white almost irridescent maggot type worms worming around. I crushed one with the shaving cream can and let them be. I was grossed out but all my products are in pump form so I never actually lift any bottles up anyway and who doesn't run their soap bar under the water to give it a rinse before they use it?

Last night I had bug nightmares. The worst kind too. I recall the worst bug nightmare when I was young, under 11 years old, and so sick my mom made me sleep on the couch in the living room outside her bedroom door. I never forgot that nightmare. All it was was a GIANT spider slowly coming down onto my face on its web. It was the first of two times I can remember in my entire life ever actually startling myself awake sweating and screaming and scaring the hell out of anyone who could hear me. Only twice I distinctly remember that happening.

So last night I was in some warehouse with some guy I don't know. There were spiders everywhere and they stuck to you and expanded. I also watched The Incredibles again last night. Remember that scene where Mr. Incredible is running along that platform after he hacked into Syndrome's computer and those gross weird black rubber balls are hitting him and sticking to him and expanding. That scene still grosses me out. Well, that's what the spiders were doing.

But I was also in love with this guy I actually do know. He kind of came out of no where and he was really heavy in my dream, like he gained at least forty pounds. He had a scent to him. This is no one special. An old friend and manager who I occasionally bump into and we chat for a few minutes. I mean, he's married for crying out loud. I wonder why it was him.

Like I said, he had this scent to him. I was hugging him in my dream and it was a very distinct scent like how each one of your friends' houses growing up each had that families' scent. Those scents bring you back and make you stop and think and remember memories you've long since forgotten.

All morning, I've been catching that scent. That man's scent from my dream. It's new to me and that first time I caught it, I was immediately brought back to that warehouse and that man. Weird.

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