Friday, October 14, 2005

Scientology smells

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What a load of crap! I was always fond of little Joey aka Ms. Katie Holmes and I feel really bad for her. Tom Cruise really is a nut job. I imagine he always was but at least his ex publicity censorship person or whatever they're called kept all his bullshit under wraps. Every photo or video I see is an over exuberant Tom Cruise standing on something tall shouting and waving and smiling and never just acting normal or trying to maintain some sort of privacy or candidness. He just demands attention. And always behind him constantly trying to not be blocked by his constantly moving short body (probably why he's always standing on stuff) is little Katie with this ENORMOUS smile. She plays chicken with Tom's back because he is constantly blocking her and when he's not, they're making out. You should have seen them at his kid's soccer game. Disgusting.

I figured I can't bash scientology until I check it out so I did so now I feel entitled to bash it. So Katie is pregnant and it just seems so cultish. Tom wants her to have a silent birth. Ok, so get this. Silent birth is when a mother gives birth without any screaming or moaning. No doctors can talk, no man or husband talks. And to top it all off, the mother can't have any drugs.

Is that even possible? How can that be? It sounds to me like a person would need over a decade of practice in intense meditation to pull that one off. Not to mention that it is a known fact that the first several weeks of a newborn's life are most critical for development. Scientologists say you should not speak to or near the baby for the first two weeks! What the fuck! That is the stupidest shit I ever heard and of course they don't say what their intentions are or why they feel this is necessary. Just because. So poor baby Cruise number three or four or whatever will be slow and scared and lonely and not understand why he/she was brought out into this cold, dark, lonely world. Feed it and put it back in a drawer. Sounds smart doesn't it?

Wow. Poor Katie. So young. So naive.

P.S. Feel free to make fun of my beliefs if you'd like. I can take it.

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