Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Best in '05

Everywhere you look there is a best in '05 list compiled by someone for something. I can't hardly wait for E's best and worst in '05 shows. Let's see here, Best Dressed in '05, Most outrageous in '05, Most tacky in '05, Worst Dressed in '05, Raunchiest in '05....the list goes on and on. Much like Lays potato chips, once you start, you can't stop. Word of advice, don't tune in to E. When channel surfing, just skip the channel all together by manually going from the number before it to the number after it.

I was happy to see this on Yahoo's Best in '05 list.

WINNER: The Survival Blog of New Orleans
Operating from the offices of Web host DirectNIC in downtown New Orleans, the Interdictor blog kept posting during the worst of Hurricane Katrina, powered by a 750-kilowatt diesel generator and a fiber-optic hookup. Blogger Michael Barnett and his colleagues slept in the air-conditioned room where they kept the servers, and blogged throughout the crisis. The Interdictor's live Webcam offered some of the first images of the city following the disaster, and the blog has continued to cover the region's recovery and rebuilding.

My brother turned me onto this site within a week of the devastating hurricane. I could tell from the information on the blog that many people were reading it. I know I checked for updates every hour or so up until mid November, but considering it made it into the best in '05 list, thousands must have been checking it. Not bad considering the computers were kept up by generators. I have since stopped visiting the site but continue to log on to the original poster's, Michael's, blog The Perfunctory Hero. Very different content. To a new reader, you'd never know this is the same man who ran reconassance (sp) missions and slept in an office building for a month and who carried fifty gallon drums of diesel fuel up someteen flights of stairs. Frankly, he reminds me of a meathead.

2005 was an awesome year and I'll reflect on it a bit more after Christmas. The highlight: I have had the same boyfriend for the entire year! This is a first for me and let me just say how happy I am to be spending my second consecutive Christmas with the same man and the same family. It was getting difficult keeping up for a while there. I don't want to count my eggs before they hatch or anything, but it will be really wonderful to bring in another New Year with my Michael.


Neo said...

Crispy -Good writing. So sad you don't get comments. Don't give up, sometimes it takes awhile to break through. :)

Yes that NO blog was amazing, I found it the day after the Hurrican hit.

Those cams were amazing; as was the entries they posted. It was almost like being there.

I agree with the 'E' thing as well, I mean after about 30 minutes of that and 200 car commericals I wanna throw my cable box out the window!


- Neo

Laura:) said...

Yeah, I am stalking Neo! It is so sad. But I wanted to say that I am happy for you and your bf. I wish I could stay in a relationship for more than 6 months and I am 25. But with maturity I have found that you can't make some one fall in love with you but you can make them fall off a cliff:)