Friday, December 02, 2005

The excitement is mounting

Oh my! I never updated about Thanksgiving. It's been a while. Thanksgiving was just lovely. A lot of work, but lovely. I really enjoy Thanksgiving and had lots to be thankful for but I'll just keep that to myself like I did on Thanksgiving. I look forward to having it at mine and Mike's place next year. My mom's food is good and very much traditional but after watching one solid month of the FoodNetwork and seeing how you can actually flavor a turkey or add perhaps rosemary and garlic to mashed potatoes, I think some variation to the old favorites will do us all some good. (I also don't plan to 'doctor' up Stovetop.)

I made my first ever homemade cheesecake on top of box mix brownies. I drizzled it with chocolate. It was a hit. Actually, my three new additions to the table this year received the most praise. The cheesecake, homemade spiced red sangria which was phenomenal and smelled like Holidays, and a variation on the old slab of cranberry sauce. All I did was heat a can of whole berry cranberries with homestyle (chunky and with spices already added) applesauce. It was great!

It was nice being mature enough and actually being able to afford to bring nice additions. It felt real nice and I really truly enjoyed the baking and cooking and wine selecting. It was a nice day.

So last night I was overwelmed by the desire to put on very comfortable pajamas and a Christmas movie, get a cup of cinnamon swirl coffee and wrap Christmas gifts. I love wrapping! I did not do this because something like this should be planned and not done spontaneously. It should also be done with more gifts than I have purchased so far and not on a work night. Unfortunately, I only seldomly have a night to myself when I do not have work the next day so this rule must be altered. But the excitement is mounting and I hope to have a wonderful Christmas and really enjoy all the great little stuff in between.

Eight hour tattoo appointment Sunday in the Poconos. I'll let you know how it goes.

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