Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Recap

Due to snow, my weekend was made into a three day weekend. Lonely at times, but overall, wonderful. I just got so much done and feel very much prepared for Christmas. I filed old papers, I cleaned out drawers, I boxed up stuff not in use for the move, I did laundry, I dusted, I wrapped, I watched an entire Lifetime movie in the middle of the day, I did it all!

I ate like crap though. I ran out of bread Friday and had no desire to leave the house at all and I'm kicking myself now because I can't get to the Market any other time than on the weekends. I need my vanilla pod for the spiced red sangria. Hmmmm. I have no clue where to get one other than the Spice store in the Market.

Anyhow, Friday afternoon I actually ordered Domino's. I haven't ordered myself a pizza in the longest time. I ate it in only three meals. Oops. It just seemed like that kind of weekend.

Last night I drank a half a bottle of wine and listened to some old Toad the Wet Sprocket cd's and really enjoyed myself. It was a very nice end to a very nice weekend. I did only what I felt like only when I wanted. (I also only showered once in the three days and only remained out of pajamas long enough to make one trip down to South Street for a special gift.) I was once afraid of being alone on the weekends and now I welcome the alone time without the stress of thinking about work the next day. I think I've finally gotten over thinking that everyone else in the world is out having a blast and I'm the only one home alone doing nothing. If I thought about going out once this weekend, it was only for a second. I didn't even get anxious hearing the groups of people walking up the street. Between ten and eleven at night they walk up my street talking and laughing rather quietly and talking about where to go. Between two and three they walk down my street talking and laughing very loudly and reminiscing about comedic events that have occurred throughout their evening.

I was very content in my bed by ten o'clock each night and up by 8 o'clock each morning. I slept wonderfully.

I'm so happy to have stayed home. I hope Mike chooses to spend a weekend here and there with his friends back home once we move in together. Alone time is necessary for survival. I just hope this long distance relationship hasn't made me too reliant on alone time. We'll find out. I doubt it.

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