Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Desperate for some links

I completely and utterly exhaust my favorites list daily by 9:15 am these days. I remember the days when I looked forward to lunch at my desk at 12:00 pm to have some time to read my short list of favorites. It was the perfect amount of sites which filled just the perfect amount of time.

I am not very good with the internet. I am so bored of it. I am forced to sit here for eight hours with no work whatsoever going back and forth to the same sites all day checking for updates. I am a big fan of the links' pages, but I don't really know what most of them are and I go to them and feel like I don't belong. Just today Coop linked me over to the Church of Satan. I hope he had this bullshit site linked so we could all go and have a good laugh or maybe so we could see the poster he did for them. I love the poster, Coop.

So I read and I laughed and there's just so much I would love to say to the founders. Like, isn't having a professional corporate sounding website sort of against what you all supposively stand for? I was also amazed by the 'lets get along' and 'with your one time only $200 membership fee, you will receive a crimson membership card!'. It's such a novelty. Republicans actually take this shit seriously. A threat? Oh My God.

So I try to do some research to make myself smarter. Today I learned a bit about Intelligent Design. Reading about the ban in PA was sort of confusing so I went and learned about it and went back and reread the article. I'm sure everyday I wish I knew more about something at least one hundred times a day, but here, at work, I draw blanks. I can't think of anything to look up. I'm desperate for some good reading material.

Any recommendations?


Neo said...

Crispy -Yup, visit my JBI. My linked blogger buddies are crazy fun, and they'll help you get through you're day of boredom.


- Neo

SkyeBlue2U said...

HO HO HO! come on over to my site some days are hysterical then overs are well struggling to get thru the day!!! Welcome to the blog world!