Tuesday, December 06, 2005

knives, bats, new tats

The tat appointments went fine as usual. Mike went into shock again and had to stop. I welcomed the completion of my second tattoo in under five hours. The pain was excruciating at times and these were by far my most painful tattoos thus far. Later on, Mike said, "Are we getting too old for this? That really ****ing hurt." My response. "Must be where we got them done. Or they probably did hurt this bad last time and we just don't remember."

Or maybe we're just old enough to start admitting that yes, getting tattoos does hurt pretty bad.

They look awesome and after about a day or two of much discomfort, we're fine and our new art is fine. Mike's new tat is bad ass and I really like it. This one I'll enjoy looking at for a long time. Thankfully the two I rather not look at for the rest of my life cannot be seen when Mike wears a shirt. The latest is on his left forearm.

I rather just post some pictures. I'll take some this weekend. I had two old tattoos covered up. Not because I didn't like them. I hated the way they clashed with a very feminine beautiful piece. If I could have just moved the two tattoos they would have been fine. So I got them covered with more feminine pretty pieces. Now it fits.

I'll post soon.

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