Friday, December 09, 2005

I'll Show you mine if you Show me yours

As promised, below are some pictures of the new ink. Mike's new ink as well. He took the picture of his own new tattoo himself because I refused to bend my arms to do it for him so it's not very good. Good thing he doesn't listen to me because there wouldn't be any pictures yet. I kept asking him to please not take pictures and leave me alone. These photos were taken less than a half hour out of the chair. The pain was pretty awful. I couldn't smoke, eat, hold a cell phone. It just hurt so bad to bend my arms.

First, the before shot. My heart and spade. These are the 'pits' or 'crooks' of my arms opposite my elbows.

Now for the cover up job.

Sorry for the shine. That's the ointment. It's a very good cover up job. Now there's something a bit prettier and feminine to go with the angel. The picture below was taken while still in the chair last December. She took seven hours and worth every second of it.

If you look closely at the picture below, you'll see part of the butterfly on my left arm. On you're right. It's a great butterfly and I will get a better picture of him. Please keep in mind I'm not happy and not feeling well and I'm not in the mood for pictures. This smile was flashed in between giving Mike death stares.
Below is the best picture Mike pulled off taking of his own forearm. Not done of course. Mike had a pin up lady on his rib finished first. She only had one high heel this whole past year and no skin tone. She came out great.

Larry, our tattoo artist, says I take the pain better than Mike. Mike was shaking so bad when Larry was finishing up his lady, he said, "Keep shaking and this girl is gonna have cellulite." I stepped out for a while and Larry was still drawing the piece below when I got back. I hated the 13. All I kept thinking was Offspring's Too Fly for a White Guy. "....he went for a 13 and he got a 31." Yeah, that song.

So those are pistons. Has something to do with a car engine. I really like this tattoo so far. The 13 ends about 2 inches above his wrist. The flames all around will be colored in. They go up to the crook of his arm. It's a full forearm piece. I love the colors. Mike needed some color. It also has such a classic look with a newschool rodder edge to it.

That's all. I hope you've enjoyed this issue of I'll show you mine if you show.....well, nevermind. Come back in the spring for a look at Mike's finished arm. Will it suck? Who knows? Come back next time for the dramatic conclusion.

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