Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's my birthday. 24 on the 24th!

I'll post a birthday picture post. I have so many pictures to post. But I really will.

Mike came down yesterday and took me to dinner and for a giant gelati. We then watched King Kong because we rented it over the weekend and didn't get a chance to watch it. I had never seen the original. I liked it. The dinosaur scenes could have been trimmed down and that bug scene left me feeling 'buggy' for about ten minutes and I found it funny that Naomi Watts had about ten lines in that entire movie but Kong looked amazing and the acting was solid (mostly due to intense body language and facial expressions.) Overall, it has my approval. I don't necessarily think it has a lot of replay value though and I'm all about the replay value. This is coming from a girl who has watched half her dvd collection over thirty times.

So last night was low key. Mom's coming down right after work and I'll run her over to Philly. She said this morning she rather not go due to time constraints, but oh well, now we have to because I left some things there assuming I'd be back to the house later tonight. And it's my turn to take out the garbage.

So I'm excited. We'll see how the day roles.

Next post: Pictures!


theKirkness said...

you need to update your profile. youre not 23 anymore.

pattonjr5 said...

you obviously missed the first act in the film when ann darrow talked constantly. she even talked to herself in the mirror before mis-identifying jack driscoll.

she actually had more lines in king kong than most of her films & more time (50% of a 3hr film).

but you are correct in spirit.