Monday, May 15, 2006

Boring for you/Fun for me House update

I spent six hours alone in the house Saturday. The breeze couldn't be beat and I had The Move mix going on itunes and I had the backdoor open and it thundered on and off and rained on and off and it was very pleasant. Almost an eerie quiet minus the music and weather. Philly is so loud. Central Jersey is so loud. It was peaceful in the new house. The air was nicer too.

My kitchen is 95% done. I have to clean the oven, the floor and put my cookbooks on the shelf and that's it. I love it so much! Every dish, every spoon, every appliance is right where I want it. The sugar thing is full and my canisters are full and the cereal is in its home and everything is just spotless. My first kitchen!

It was a lot of fun. I got there at 9:00 am and the people downstairs weren't there and they didn't come back before I left so that was nice.

Mike is coming tomorrow to the house and I'll meet up with him after work and then we'll be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday night working hard trying to get as much done as possible. Sucks I have to work Friday but oh well.

I'll post pictures soon. Having one room done feels so much better at least. When I get pissed at the other rooms, I'll just go stand in the kitchen. I think the bathroom will be done next and then I'll have a ball cleaning and decorating that.

Moving into your very own place is a blast. Fuck roommates who move in first and take over every common room. Never again!

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