Wednesday, May 17, 2006

House update #1,254

Painting isn't very fun. Especially when you're painting a rental. But if Mike and I are to be there a minimum of two years, then damnit, I better like what I'm going to look at every day!

We painted the bathroom last night. I'm going to load up the car after work and make yet another trip and investigate as to whether or not it requires one more coat. I sure hope not because I really want to get that sucker clean so I can shower in it Friday morning before work.

Mike and I are stressed. We put these invisible deadlines on ourselves and we want it all done yesterday. Our schedules get confusing and Mike travels over an hour to get to the house so it's a pain in the ass.

But I had some fun making out a menu and grocery list for this weekend as we'll be there three nights this week. I'm eager to cook in MY kitchen so I just keep trying to remind myself of some fun stuff. I hope at least one bedroom is 100% done by Sunday.

But the house isn't perfect and I wish it was. I'm sure once it's as good as we can get it, I'll be fine. It will also be nice once I have a couch to sit on.

My birfday is next Wednesday. Seven days. I can't recall having ever been so not excited for my birthday before. I guess because I know not much is going to happen. I have to go to work and Mike is supposively coming over after work and making me dinner. Then it's 9:00 and I'm tired. I hate working on my birthday. But at least there's a three day weekend after that. Mike has to work every day. Maybe I'll get away from the house a little bit and go North to see my mom and some friends and lay out a bit. Yeah, I think I'll do that.

I haven't forgotten about my Washington picture post. All the photos are on my laptop. I'm going to post some house pictures soon too.


theKirkness said...

what ever happened to cleaning deposits?

how dirty and effed up was this place?

when you leave youre gonna have to shit in the cabinets so its back in the "move in" condition it was in when you got there.

congrats tho!

Criscipline said...

The place ain't bad at all. It's me who is a bit of a germ freak and wants to rid the place of all molecules from those before us.

It's also old and wasn't kept up. Hence the painting and fine tuning.