Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday night all alone - Boo ya

Washington picture post is 2/3 down and sitting as a draft awaiting my busy ass to finish it. Hmmm, busy ass doesn't work as well as lazy ass. Oh well.

In the two years I've worked at my current organization I've gone to work only three times without having showered beforehand. Number three is today, baby! I clean up nicely for an unshowered chick who ate way too much last night at Grandpa's 80th birthday dinner. I was beat this morning. It's been go go go since last Thursday.

But the awesome thing is that tonight it's all about me. I see some pizza and popcorn in the near future, a movie and oh baby, I'm packing up anything and everything I own kitchen related. (Except my milk and cereal. That should stay here.)

Tomorrow morning I'm packing it all up and heading to the house with my stereo and I get to wash all my new dishes and silverware and pretty glass pasta containers and sugar caddys and I get to fill my stainless canisters with flour and sugar and coffee and:

I GET TO DECIDE WHAT I WANT IN ALL MY CABINETS!!! I can switch and move and change my mind and put the cereal wherever the hell I feel like it.

Moving into your own place is so much playing house....except the food and appliances are real!

When I moved into Philly house, two of my three roommates basically had already taken over and decided what shelves were theirs and how things were gonna be in every room other than my office and bedroom.

Now this is what I'm talking about. I love my kitchen.

So yeah, the house needs work. The windows and sills need washing big time but my kitchen rocks! (Brand new). The main rooms (long big room that acts as living room and dining room) is fine. Freshly painted, new lighting, etc. The bathroom and bedrooms just piss me off and Mike and I will do our best. Tuesday Mike starts priming and Tuesday night I hope to help him finish, but other than painting, it's a lot of little stuff.

Like, why the hell doesn't my bathroom door click into the door clicky hole and stay ajar? Aaargh!

So Mike's gonna go pick his nose in the Poconos tonight with Beater and some other friends of his and jam out tonight like the old days and get drunk and tomorrow they all have to get fitted for their tux's for Beater's wedding. This arrangement couldn't have come at a better time. I needed a break from the traveling.

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