Thursday, May 04, 2006

On hair...and other subjects

I had the winter cut out of my hair yesterday. 4-5 inches fell to the floor into a fun little pile I would have loved to play with. My favorite drag queen, Andre, is the culprit. I hated the cut last night but washing out all his fifty dollar products and restyling it this morning with my $2.00 product made me feel better. It's carefully disheveled and is carefully styled to look as if it has not been styled.

I have done ruthless and unrelenting damage to my hair since age 12 when I discovered hair dye. The torture continued through my punk years when I unleashed whole containers of gel to create my jet black spikes. Then the chelsea girl era. Oh yes, many a person were upset by my decision to shave it all off right down to 5 o'clock shadow. (I must say it grew back quite full.)

My hair was the longest it had ever been yesterday. Once a girl who couldn't care less and hated long hair, I wish I didn't have so much cut off. The long hair grew on me (no pun intended) and looking at a nice picture of myself last night, I finally realized I had taken the style for granted. Alas, my hair grows like a weed and it will be back before I know it. Finally, my natural color (naturally) after 11 years of abuse is back and I've come to like my hair. having a thinner face helps too. Hair is finally important to me. Not important enough to make me cry about it, but important.

What I do hate, when your hair is being washed by the hair washer at the salon and you just want to relax and some lady is just going on and on and on asking you questions and wanting to talk about your tattoos and you just give one word answers trying not to sound too rude while hinting at, "look, lady, just wash my hair and leave me alone'. I hate that with a passion. I hate when any stranger who is supposed to just provide me with a simple service asks me a million questions. I can be rude about that sometimes. But really, I don't need to make friends with the lady washing my hair. Just wash my hair! She also used cold water and didn't massage my scalp. Bitch!

Probably because I was rude. ;-)

Went to church this morning for one last plea that I get back safely from Seattle.

I'll post pics and stories when I get back. We pick up the keys to the new place Tuesday!


Doug Walsh said...

That's why I always let the little Asian hotties wash my hair. They always give me a scalp massage and they never talk. My usual girl knows pretty decent english but I just close my eyes while she washes my hair and she doesn't speak unless I ask her something.

Even worse is if your masseuse starts gabbing. That's when I really get mad.

Anyway, glad to hear the ol "dirty blond" is back. I can't believe I missed you with long hair though. wow.

theKirkness said...

i hate that too. fucking small talk just do your damn job!

and im proud to say i dont get my hair washed at salons.