Monday, May 01, 2006


I leave for Seattle Friday morning and I'm excited. I'm crashing at my mom's Thursday night and pretty excited to sleep in my old room. It's been 22 months since sleeping at mom's.

Not much is new with the exception of Mike's brother being even more of a fucktard and how much we hate him and Mike's mom being all pissy with us because we dislike her son. It's so much bullshit. I've disliked Mike's brother since the day I met him.....when he stole $126 from me....the very day he met me....the day Mike took him out to a bar to join me and said "Don't fuck this up. I really like this girl." Yeah, that day.

Anyway, I just feel bad for Mike. He's so 'the good son' and he gets shat on because everyone's attention is focused on Jeffrey. I hate him so much. We could just about cram into the grand canyon the horrible shit that little bastard has put us through. I don't need his mom telling us our malcontent for the fucker upsets her. No one tells me who I can and can't like. She should be happy. If Jeffrey wasn't Mike's brother, bad things would have happened back to him by now.

But this shit with Jeffrey has never stopped. It's been going on since the day I entered into Mike's life and the bastard has tried so hard to break us up (has even tried to ruin Mike's relationships with other dudes) and in the beginning I thought of just saying 'fuck it' but we can't let him win now can we? Then I fell in love with Mike anyway.

But we just hate him and it's so cool we're moving soon but I know Mike feels bad because he won't be around to keep an eye on things and look after his mom. Jeff doesn't even know where we're moving to and that's the way it's gonna stay.

As far as brothers go, yeah, when in serious trouble, you have to go running. But honestly, Jeff would sell his whole family out in two seconds if the result suited his needs or was convenient for him. There just comes a time when blood or not, you have to wash your hands of people. We did that in the middle of January. On Jeff's birthday. When we got him gifts and made a great big dinner. Yes, he knew about it two weeks earlier. But he decided not to come home. It was just the icing on the cake.

Mike will enjoy being able to take a shower without locking his bedroom door first. It's the first house I've been in when even his parents lock their doors just to take showers. When Jeff's away on one of his benders everything is open and keys and cellphones are left out on the table. That's how you know if Jeff is expected. Look at the doors.

I just hate him so much and I wish his mom would just accept it and stop being nasty to the two good kids. I just think she's sad that the good kids are leaving and all she'll have left is that fucktard. I hate him so much.

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theKirkness said...

sorry bout that. i have cousins like that. the problem with them is that they have kids. so grandma keeps taking her back in.