Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday is music day

New Tool and new Pearl Jam? Hmm. Scratching head wondering.

Two bands that I recall buying casettes of when I first began cultivating my own preference of music. Or shall I say copying my big brother's? These bands have been with me since the beginning. Along with Alice in Chains, Sound Garden and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Thanks for that latter one especially, Doug.

I bought two cd's last month and before that, I can't remember when. Perhaps a year ago? I downloaded some stuff from itunes and just burned what I did have on cd onto itunes and made playlists on itunes. Basically, my music collection, although comprised of old faves, is tired, burnt out, overplayed and lame. Since my ipod died, choosing a cd to insert into my discman every morning for our long walks through the streets of Philadelphia has become a chore. Half way I'm wishing I had something else to listen to.

Yes, there are cds I want. No, there's no money to be spending on cds. The worst is that the 'new' music I purchased on itunes is trapped in itunes because my hard drive is busted and I can't burn cds.


Anyhow, lets hear some reviews. I want to know how the new Pearl Jam cd is and the new Tool. Some little bastard said Pearl Jam's new sound sucks. New sound?

One of my three readers is bound to pick one of 'em up.



Doug Walsh said...

Well, the Seattle papers have been very high on the new Pearl Jam album saying that it's the first album to actually matter from them since Vitalogy which came out in 1995. It's apparently not much of a "new sound" as it is a returning to their roots. I have all their albums and like most people, can't even recall the name of one good song off any of the last two or three albums.

I'll be buying it tomorrow so you can listen to it when you come.

theKirkness said...

i gave up on new music years ago.

i have very low expectations for those 2.
i never was a huge Pearl Jam fan, although it was fun touring with them and seeing them everynight gave me a new respect for them. I still dont really like the music and cant say im exited they are putting out a new CD... same thing with the Red Hot Chilly Peppers.

TOOL is a band i think is WAY over rated and have fans that like the way the sticker looks on their car more than the music itsself.. I really think AENEMA was a high point for the band they've been trying to duplicate ever since. so in saying that, i really dont have much of a desire to go and get their new CD either.

give me something new, something different!