Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I loaded up the car yesterday and drove to the house, pulled into the driveway, pulled the E brake, released it and then went straight back to Philadelphia. I forgot my new house keys.

Got back to the house again and started unloading the car. The tv table I was carrying pushed the panic button on my key ring in my pocket so I fumbled with the table, got the keys out of my pocket and started mashing buttons until the alarm went off. I threw the keys in the trunk and continued to unload. When I was all done I shut the trunk.

Yeah. I locked my keys in the car. So I called AAA. Thank you, dear Mother, who still unwaiveringly continues to supply her two younger children with AAA. I know my brother out in Colorado has used it at least once since getting out there. I know most of my careless friends have benefited from my membership a few times as well over the years.

I lost a lot of time yesterday but I accomplished most of what I wanted to and now my bathroom is clean and I finally like it. One piece of advice, don't judge a room until it's clean.

Tonight we camp out and have dinner in the house.


Doug Walsh said...

*laughs and points in direction of NJ*

Glad you're finally getting settled in the new place. By the way, the photo of you and me at Safeco Field came out good. I'll post it later.

theKirkness said...

yea where are the pics of the new place?

you holdin out?