Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Checking in - 5.2 to go.....

All is well and I'm feeling good. I have lots of energy and I've overcome some weird anxiety I was experiencing over the weekend and now we're in the final stretch until moving time.

I'll be showing lots of pics of the place especially before and afters of the awesome paint job we're giving the bedrooms.

I'm very excited. Also excited to get into a new routine. But not afraid of the change. I was thinking about how my routine has changed so much over the past two years into what it is now and let me tell you, what it is now only slightly resembles what it was when I first moved to Philly. Routine should always be tweaked until it's just right for you and everyone else. And just don't be afraid to go "ahahhahah, bang bang bang, mwah ahhahahaha" as you tear it up and dismantle the routine for spontaneity and crazy alcohol comfort food weekends. Just know how to get back.

I am so back on track after a weird few weeks. As of this morning, I have 5.2 pounds to lose for Wednesday's haircut. I'm telling you......I know I can do it. Watch.

Shit, I better do it. My hair isn't that bad. It's just long....and unstyled. It's just plain boring long hair. I want medium length choppy. You dig?

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