Monday, April 10, 2006


I came straight to work this morning from Mike's and going straight back after to meet him for dinner. Tomorrow his parents are taking us shopping for the new place. I will return Wednesday. I'm very tired and groggy and typing like a retarded kid (woops, sorry 'bout that). I have to go back almost every word. I shower every morning of my life before work except today. I showered last night instead out of respect for his parents. I can't believe how weird my body is. I feel gross.

Mike and I went and got a Lowes card Saturday (no interest for 12 months) and had a lot of fun shopping. We only got what we needed and didn't get everything just then but had fun and Mike kept me responsible and in line and took his time. We did good.

Some items worth mentioning:

All our paint, primer, and painting "stuff"
VACUUM! (Never thought I'd get so excited over a vacuum)
The chopping block of my dreams (The big three inch kind with rubber feet that will basically never leave your counter top. Yeah, I got one. I got the counterspace!)
A drainboard that matches my teapot and colander (boo yah)
An awesome paper towel holder
An outside garbage can which was awesome beacuse we had to fill that up too and I got to roll it around all over the place.
A hose and a cool plastic portable wheely thing to keep the hose all nice and neat
A squeegee for our glass shower doors (Can't wait to use it.)

There was a lot of stuff and it was fun and we're well on our way to an organized, clean move.

Sunday Mike's mom took me for a toaster oven and all our cleaning products so that first week will be all spackling, taping, priming, painting and cleaning and we are ALL SET!

I've never been so excited to clean in my whole life. And like I've said, the sun just pours through our windows. This will be great!

I'll be sure to post before and after pics of the paintjob!


theKirkness said...

is it purple? ours is purple.

good job

Doug Walsh said...

The first time I went to the new house after we closed on it, but before we moved in was magical. I was there to mask and paint the downstairs. I just kept walking around the house up and down the stairs in disbelief... we Own THIS?!? Holy Beeeeeeeeppppppp.....