Thursday, April 27, 2006


4.4 to go by Wednesday. That's no problem as long as I can get through the weekend.

The city is beautiful in the spring. I may not have taken advantage of my time here nor utilized the city for what it has to all, or ever even said that I've enjoyed living here. But the truth is, I'm really glad I did this. Years from now, I'll be proud to say that I stepped out and moved to Philly completely unprepared without even having a job or knowing where anything was at all and afraid of buses and subways. It was a good experience.

Moving is fun and trying new things is fun and I look forward to coming into the city once I move beacuse I'll be coming in for specific reasons like to try a new restaurant or to go to First Friday (of the month) when all the art galleries open up and serve wine and you just walk from gallery to gallery and talk to people or to go marketing in the Italian Market or Reading Terminal on a Saturday morning.

I'll be coming in every day to work but I'm sure most days I'll just come in via speedline, walk over to work, walk over to speedline and go home. Date nights in Philly will be a blast.

And hell, if we're struck with the desire to smoke in a bar, we'll got to Philly....because we can't do it in Jersey anymore.

P.S. This blog sucks

But I am very glad I did this Philly thing for so many reasons. I am not going to list them here.

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