Monday, April 17, 2006

Next Food Network Star

I just wrote an entire post about Guy Fieri, a Finalist on Food Network's Next Food Network Star, and how you all have to go vote for him right now and why and blah blah blah and it disappeared and I don't know where it went. I'm pissed.

So just go on over to Food Network and vote for Guy. He's the one with the spiky hair.


Text GUY to number 36636 (Foodn). You can do both once a day until 4/20/06.

Guy's all about giving the Gen X'ers and the Gen Y'ers a show and host of their own. I hope Food Network realizes that more and more young adults are tuning in and loving their Network and I'd love to see Guy win this competition with his positive attitude, great energy and sense of humor.

So please go vote. Nothing against Reggie but southern food with an urban flair? I think we have all the Southern we need in Paula Deen.

We will find out who will be our next Star on Sunday at 9:00 ET for the grand finale.

Thanks for voting!

1 comment:

theKirkness said...

i'll be voting for democrats in nov. i dont vote for TV personalities.

if he's as hip as you say he is he'll win. I miss the OG dubbed Iron Chef. :(

whats with the cooking shows on network tv? celebrity cooking challenge? whaat?
i'm waiting for "Cooking with the Stars" to come on another channel soon.