Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend update

Made some kick ass food this weekend for Mike and I and hung out and just enjoyed Mike. Didn't see any friends this weekend, didn't drink. It was great. Got mom to watch HP IV Saturday. My car is finally all done. When I bought it, Mike wanted them to change my valve cover gasket, flush my radiator and change my brake fluid free of charge. First time I went, they changed the fluids, ordered the gasket. Second time I went, woops, we ordered the wrong part. Third time (Saturday), I get a call at 10:30. 'I am so sorry but we ordered the wrong part again."

I was enraged. "You know what! That's it. I'm done. I......."

"April fools! Your car's done."

I felt mildly punk'd. That guy had me. I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyhow Sunday, me, Mike, my mom and Mike's mom and dad all took the hour and a half ride down to the new place. Mike and I signed our lease and Mike and his dad measured everything. Since we were right near Delaware, Mike's mom wanted to go get her smokes (which she does monthly) so we did a little shopping sales tax fee (well, what else has Delaware have to offer?) and got silverware, a teapot and two colanders. You gotta start somewhere.

It was a nice day. Then we all had dinner and went home. I'm glad my mom came. Mike and I are so excited. It seems even more real now that the lease is signed and our parents saw it and we started buying stuff.

I'm really starting to get excited now.


Doug Walsh said...

That's awesome that mom came with you all. Did she like it? Sounds like a nice weekend. I just posted pics from our camping trip this weekend. Here's a link to one Kristin got of me riding.

theKirkness said...

Waynes World- "hey, we're in Delaware"

Oregon has no sales tax too, i think it's weird getting a penny in change for something that costs 99 cents. its also illegal to pump your own gas, like Jersey. i think thats even weirder. Driving to LA once there was a girl, about 21-22 with Oregon plates staring at the gas pump like the monkeys with monolith in 2001. I had to show her how to do it.. "look theres instructions right on the thing"

wierd. congrats on the signing and collanders. who needs 2 collanders?

his and hers?

Criscipline said...

I pulled into a gas station in boondox, NY once crying, car running on fumes and then just broke down even more upon the realization I was going to have to do this myself. Someone helped me.

Then I moved to PA and now I'm cool and wish I could do it myself in NJ because there's like one guy and ten cars and you wait FOREVER!

P.S. I need two collanders.