Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wacky Weather Wednesday

I left my house at 7:45 AM this morning sporting a hoodie with a light jacket over it and some shades. It was a tad chillier than I expected based on the sun gleaming through my window as I got ready for work today, but it was tolerable.

Right around Tenth and Market Streets I could barely see so took off the shades and was surprised at how dark it had gotten. Erie really. One block later a lonely raindrop fell onto my right thumb. It wasn't lonely long. I was soon drenched and only realized a few blocks from the office I was wearing a HOODie.

I stopped and took this photo in LOVE park. The fountain was only filled last week. I enjoy the toxic scent of the wet paint for the few days surrounding the repainting of the fountain. All those pounds of water collapsing into shallow waters wreck havoc on the paint jobs each year. Not to mention the homeless people who bath and pee in the water.

See those lights on the bottom left? That's the Benjamin Franklin Parkway where my office is located. I love that street.

Ok so I got to work and dried off a little and was freezing from being wet and sweaty and cold. Then it started hailing (48 degrees out) then it started snowing in the form of giant flakes. I was in a meeting at 10:30 and this girl I work with kept interrupting the meeting with weather reports. She was facing the window. I told her if she didn't stop I was going to make her change her seat. Then, terribly bored a little while later, I started looking around and exclaimed how weird the weather was and then went and stood by the window and watched it. The end is near, it appeared at the time.

Then the sun came out and it was windy as hell! It got up to 50 degrees but that's all and the wind was just ferocious.

I snapped these two on the way home.

Notice anything special? (There was no pot o' gold at the bottom unless you consider the LOVE sculpture gold.)

No one was hanging by the sculpture because as you can see, the wind was blowing the fountain onto the sidewalk and up the stairs. It was like crossing the bridge over that water ride in Great Adventure. Yeah, you know the one.

It's cold out now. Weird day for weather.

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theKirkness said...

awesome pics! yea its been raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock out here. most rain ever for this time of year.

it was sunny yesterday and so far today.. i guess a real pisser of a storm is coming in tuesday.. wft god, we're wet enough!