Thursday, April 20, 2006


Last time I cut my hair, it was in celebration of losing my first ten pounds. That was quite a while ago. I said I wouldn't cut my hair again until I lost another ten pounds. I haven't done that yet. I have a few pounds to go.

I would love to have a new do for my trip to Seattle so I'm going to try really hard to shed the 3.5 to 4.5 pounds to do that by then.

I'm feeling a little better. Sorry for all the bitching. I've come up with what I think is a good and realistic idea for a new hobby. With proper planning I can one day make it into a small business. I've done about ten hours of research in the past two days so now I'm going to relax and not kill it and buy some books and read some more and then get started once I'm all moved and settled. Just in time for the fall season. Which is a great time to start my hobby. Ahem.

No, I can't unveil my new plan now. Geez. Now I need some creative juice to flow and then I'll spend a little bit of money for supplies and get started. I'm super excited to see how this pans out. If all goes ok, I'll unveil my product on Christmas. Mwah ha ha ha. Everyone I know will have to sample my product and give me reviews.

Now for a name. Something has to go on the label.

I'm pretty calm about it which is a good sign. I'm in no rush and I'm not killing the idea. I really think I'll enjoy this. There's a lot of new knowledge too which is awesome.

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