Thursday, April 13, 2006

Could I possibly be one of the firsts??

I went on over to Subway just a little while ago for a bag of Lays Light to accompany my pepperoni & sausage pizza Lean Pocket. I only drink diet soda (Yay for black cherry Diet Coke) and never ever buy a beverage with lunch because the work fridge is always stocked.

And then.....out of the corner of my Subway's fridge.....I spotted it. A Dr. Pepper with a purple label. I had to investigate. I was intrigued and curious so I purchased this new find. A 20 Fl oz. Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream. It's very good.

"Naturally & Artificially Flavored Raspberry & Vanilla Soda" It has the after taste of those cheap lollipops the class moms gave out (they were all hooked together with a perforation in a long strand) at school parties.

It appears that it's not very big yet. There's even a six pack on e-bay because it is "so hard to find". I went on over to the Dr Pepper site but I needed Flash so I said to hell with it.

So I am three quarters of the way through consuming 240 calories in the form of Dr. Pepper Berries & Creme. Hey, this is 2.5 servings! I'll save the other 1.5 for a rainy day! WHO DOES THAT!!! IT'S ONE SERVING!!!!

So, am I one of the first or what? Check it out and leave me your reviews!


theKirkness said...

do they have a diet version? because Diet DP is one of my favs. Diet cherry vanilla dr pepper is just as good if not better.

but it has to be diet for me.

and FYI the cherry vanilla coke version is gross.

berries, interesting i must try it. I'm always game for trying new stuff. I tried the Cocacola BLAK the other day. its not bad, coffee flavored coke. but it wasnt diet. :(

theKirkness said...

oooh they do have diet. bring it to cali!!

FYI again, Dr.Pepper came from the soda/pharmacy worker (Doc Pepperton) mixing all the flavors at the soda fountain he worked at. it contains NO pruins despite the popular myth. he wanted a drink that tasted like the smell of all the syrups mixed that he could smell when he walked in.

theKirkness said...

ok so i found the non-diet version over the weekend. its ok, a little too berrry for me. i like more of the DP flavor to still be in there.