Monday, March 27, 2006

Before the old photo post

(Written Monday)
I picked up my first old roll of fim today as promised. It rang up $3.69 so I knew I was screwed. I felt like Forrest Gump shrimp boatin'. "I only caught five." I only got six pictures. They pathetically slid out of the orange and black paper sleeve. A notion so like my pathetic teenage years.

Fifteen was my age. Four photos from a trip I took with my nemesis' family, 2 of her, 2 of me, a picture of my buddy Mark (still see), and a picture of some guy who I don't know at Menlo Park Mall. More details and the photos tomorrow. For now, new pictures. (P.S. I do have a bit to say about those photos so stay tuned.)

Potachos at Stuff yer Face. Not quite nachos but potachos. Fried thick potato slices smothered in ketchup, cheese and sour cream. Oh My Goodness! Delish! (I gained weight this weekend.)

Me at Stuff Yer Face. (I had never been before.)

Mike at Stuff Yer Face watching the B Ball game.


theKirkness said...

ketchup is the devil. i'd use hot sauce. but not tobasco because thats almost worse than ketchup.

you still have undeveloped film from when you were 15?

Doug Walsh said...

I don't know if I told you, but you'll have to ditch the cancer stix when you come out to visit. No smoking within 25ft of any place in which someone is employed.

You can smoke on my front porch but not at bars or anything when we go out.

Nice pix. I thought those were disco fries at first, then I noticed the ketchup and sour cream. That's the nasty.