Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My new automobile

There she is! Isn't she a beaut?

I got so excited when I saw, ah hem, bought her that I forgot to see what kind she is.

I'll have a hot rod one day. Afterall, my boyfriend is a mechanic and obsessed with having one himself. I pull the wifey card and say quite matter of factly in my high pitched voice, 'What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.' (I also like to remind him that I am responsible for having gotten him into hot rods and I am the one who informs him of the car shows and swap meets.) He doesn't like that.

Anyhow, as corney as it sounds, we'd like his and hers rods. Matching but opposite matching. I want mine primer black with red and white retro diner interior with subtle cherries painted on the fender. I'd like a '40 Ford scoop back but I'll take anything but a '53 Chevy. I'm sick to death of Chevys especially that year. They're every two feet. Mike just called now to say he saw a Chevy on a back road today and he wants me to go with him Friday night to look at it. Mike has had me peer through many a rusty fence to gaze upon the junk yard beauts.

It'll be fun parking them side by side at shows. Of course I'll buy outfits to match my car!!! Geez Louise!

Mike trying to be tough:


theKirkness said...

my old rod of choice is a 37 Ford. man those look sharp any way you cook them.

i have a soft spot for a 65 malibu too tho. i had a 66 impala stationwagon rustbucket i stupidly bought for $400.. man i never even got it running. its history now. but i'd love to get another one, somehow get the means to fix it up, and lowrider it out with 14" spokes and whitewalls.

and a 63 VW bus too. i've always wanted on of thoese.. i had a 68 bug, VWs are fun.

my buddy has a dodge around that year.. its pretty cool too. he found it peering through rusty fences i beleive. he's got it flatblacked and pinstriped now.

Criscipline said...

Yeah, I've had a soft spot for these cars forever. I do wish I could go back in time. I was hoping to tonight. I'm going to a new restaurant that just opened. It's supposed to be an exact replica of a 50's burger joint/diner with hot rods in the lot and everything. Imagine my disgust when I just read the Heineken ladies will be there tonight. They better be in poodle skirts or denim high waist capris or I won't be happy.