Thursday, March 30, 2006


My body was so ill last night but I felt fine so I was pretty confused and didn't know what to do. I looked up my symptoms on Webmd to no avail. I highly doubt I have/had any of the seven causes. I decided to go to bed but not before praying to God I didn't die in my sleep.

I didn't die in my sleep.

The photos suck. I was sooooo ugly when I was 15. No wonder my life sucked. Short hair on me is the worst and I really did look like a boy. I think I'm pretty decent looking now. Finally. Now I actually like looking like a woman. It helps.

So all I really have on the brain is cooking. I plan to finish Julie & Julia in this park I really like and walk through every day to and from work. I will stop there and read. Maybe get an iced coffee. I hear it's "hot" out. I bet it's beautiful. I haven't stepped off this seventh floor since 8:15 this morning. Trying not to smoke. Outside is bad during the day. I wish we couldn't smoke within 25 feet of a door in which someone goes through to work. Makes life much easier. But really, what happens to a smoker in Washington who is smoking within 25 feet of said designated non smoking area? Some dirty looks, possibly a security guard will tell them to scram. Really, I very highly doubt every smoker is abiding this law. And I hope the police have better things to do than to ticket offenders....unless they're right there. I get mad when cops don't do their job when theye're RIGHT THERE AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME! Laziness. I think cops are some of the laziest people around.


theKirkness said...

almost all of california's urban areas are non-smoking
SF banned it in parks too.

crazy.. i think smoking is gross tho

Doug Walsh said...

To be honest, since the laws went into affect it hasn't been an issue. At least not in the Seattle area where most people were in favor of it. I imagine there's more "law breakers" in the rural parts of the state. But, as for punishment, they were giving people warnings for a while (still might be, actually) but I haven't noticed any smokers in a long time. I know a couple restaurants called the police when people refused to snuff out their cigarette. But after a couple weeks, the people who were trying to "make a point" stopped and it's not really an issue anymore.