Thursday, March 09, 2006


Thank goodness for Fridays. I'm all packed and ready for bed. I'm sore as hell having speed walked home the past three days trying to remain conscience enough to remember to squeeze my buttocks with every step. Damn does my ass hurt.

I'm still super stressed about the move. My realtor e-mailed me 15 listings today. None of which meet my specifications. I don't want to piss her off by thanking her for not sending me anything I requested. It's like shopping for a car. On the phone they tell you they have exactly what you want and then they try to sell you everything else when you get there. I don't have the patience for that shit. I hope my diamond in the ruff turns up.

Money's tight. Real tight. I planned out mine and Mike's meal menu for the weekend and since I did my mom's grocery shopping last week, I know what she's got and plan to take advantage of my day with her Saturday. I've been spending my weekends with her while Mike's at work trying to help her get her life together. It's the ultimate excercise in patience and it's hard not to be weak and break down. One of us has to hold it together so I do my best and help as best I can. It's strange, but cleaning her house feels good; like I'm tidying up my childhood.

Totally different subject:

I'm perplexed by internet D-list celebrities. I somehow stumbled across a feud between a Chicago blogger (I feel no need to link him here) and a guy in a shitty emo band. Fall Out Boy (perhaps you've heard of them.) Anyhow, this 'feud' has gotten a lot of buzz and now this guy Chris in Chicago is like the ultimate stick it to you, punk rock internet blogger celebrity. My point is, he wrote this book of short stories and you can buy it for ten bucks and he's selling a hell of a lot of them. What the fuck. This guy gets insane popular over the internet and sells his book just for voicing his opinion and getting in a fight with Pete Wentz. The guy gets hundreds of comments on every word he writes and I can't ever seem to make it past the first five and they're all the same and it amazes me how stupid people are. Yeah, I check it out, but there's people hanging on this shit and internet obsession blows my fucking mind! Then pictures of Pete Wentz's penis turn up and Chicago guy has to block hundreds of instant messages and he feels like the shit (even though he has nothing to do with the pics.) Yeah, I'm the asshole for writing about this but I'm just so confused by it. People literally live on the internet. It's gross. Now this fucker in Chicago gets to sell his book to pre pubescent teens aka 'lurkers' because he's just as dumb as the rest of them. It's amazing what people spend time on. I'm referring to the kids obsessed with this shit. Oh yeah, and how Chicago guy just talks shit about everyone and all these 'lurkers' just keep going back for more. It's a strange phenomenom to observe.

P.S. I think I'll name my kid Logan after Wolverine because Wolverine is the shit. I haven't seen the trailer for The Last Stand yet but it was released yesterday. I'm gonna go check it out.

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