Monday, March 13, 2006

When the cat's away......

....the mice will play. I haven't done any work yet today and I'm enjoying it. I did talk to my realtor though and I am going to check out a place tonight. Mike looked over the 15 listings with me last night and picked out three maybes.

Weekend was good. I spent a lot of time with my boy, Randy, whose bitchy boozer girlfriend broke up with him. He's very sad. We spent a decent part of Saturday going through hundreds and hundreds of fonts for his new tattoo and haggling with tattoo artists. When I broke up with people or vice versa, I would dye and cut my hair. Randy gets tats.

After sitting around watching Randy finally get ink, (meanwhile, Mike had joined the picture) Mike and I were exhausted and had one beer at our bar while waiting for Randy. We bounced and on the way home I talked about how it's been so long since we just sat a bar together without friends and just talked and got drunk. Well, we ended up doing that and it was just awesome. Talking and talking and dreaming a bit and being silly and cute and doing shots together and smiling. Once every so often, I just love that.

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