Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire released today on DVD in its usual two versions. Mike just called to inform me he has safely returned home with two copies of the special edition dual disc DVD's. One for me and one for my mom.

It sucks I can't watch it today. But hey, being broke sucks too. This is also the first year in several I will not be attending the Philadelphia Flower Show. Another regrettable instance. The things we sacrifice for cars and the people we love.

My roommate got in yet another bike accident today. A broken finger and a cracked tooth. He was rear ended by a guy and he flipped over his handlebars. I get pretty annoyed when people tell me they don't wear helmets because they can do more harm than good. This is true, but probably in a very small percent of accidents. He'd be better off just saying helmets don't look cool.

But I've seen Frogg ride his bike and although a bicyclist is a bicyclist, Frogg's overweight and by default way slower and less limber. He really shouldn't be riding alongside traffic and in and out of it like the hot messenger guys. My other roommate, a female and even more overweight, is just downright inconsiderate to cars and a 'dreamy' bicyclist.

I give motorcycles and bikes the utmost attention and respect when driving, but damnit, they should do me the same and most often do. Thea is more so the type of bicyclist who goes really really slow in the middle of a one way street while cars just back up behind her and she feels she has the right of way and blah blah blah. I want to hit those people too.

Anyhow, I don't have anything against overweight people, but ya know, they can't do everything their skinny counterparts do.

I must give them kudos though for doing something I won't. You won't see me cruising through traffic around City Hall. I walk.


theKirkness said...

oh shit.. Harry Potter.. thats out now.. crap. i gotta go get it!

Me and My GF watch 1 2 & 3 religiously. something dorky about em but also something really cool that makes me feel whimsical and like a kid again.

ok you can punch me in the neck now.

also, i'm fat and i have a bike. Bikes and fat people dont mix. they just arent built for us.

Criscipline said...

I am such a Harry Potter fan so there will be no punching. I have this special shelf with all the books and all the unopened candy on display and this iron snake I have and Albus Dumbledore's wand in a purple velvet box. Harry Potter is my happiest thought possibly and I've seen all the movies more than twenty times each and I've read the books three times each. I just love it and yes, I go to the-leaky-cauldron.org and get all the gossip. I draw the line at the messageboards though.

I plan to decorate the make pretend babie's room in HP too but Mike might not allow that. The baby will be my future little Gryffindor. Yes!

What can I say, the story is amazing! and so is J.K.! You're so right about feeling young. I am very child-like not at all childish.

(I am so ashamed.)

P.S. I posted pics. of who's playing Luna Lovegood and Dolores Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix in this blog if you're interested....

theKirkness said...

woah, i think it is me who should be punching.. JustKidding.. but damn i only like the movies. youre a super HP nerd.

about JK Rowling, i think she stole the ideas for harry potter from the movie TROLL. its a movie about trolls elves monsters magic and wizards, similar to the Harry Potter series. but what gets me, is the character names. The main character in the movie is Harry Potter jr. his dad being senior. its pretty fucking sloppy of her to take her idea from TROLL but also blatantly rip off the name of the title character. maybe she was drinking heavily passed out in a bar that had Troll on the TV. woke up, put her panties back on, stumbled home and started writing on a napkin.

side note: that shitty actor that played Atreu in Never Ending Story plays Harry Potter Jr in Troll. he's a little older but still totally can't act. it also stars the chick who plays Elaine on Sienfeld and Sonny Bono!

Criscipline said...

I can go on forever. But I won't. (Don't wanna get punched.) I will have to rent Troll soon. I'm surprised I had never heard that before, but let's face it, the HP stories are damn original. You miss out on sooo much of the stories not having read the books. Multiply that child like whimsy by 1,000 and that's what reading the books is like.

Thanks for the info.