Friday, March 31, 2006


First of all, I really dislike CNN's somewhat new format. I just kept forgetting to mention it. I also dislike that almost half the stories can only be watched and not read. I'm at work, I can't be watching the news on my computer. I like to read the stories. Today, three million dollars worth of cocaine found smuggled into NY from Mexico in .....wait for it......Virgin Mary tombstones. Nice. A lot of people are going to hell. Can it get any more sacreligious? Last time a drug ring was interrupted, the drugs were surgically implanted in....wait for it......PUPPIES! I thought puppies were one of the last few things that would make even Charles Manson's heart melt. Nope. The end is near. How much more will God stand before he deems us all a failed experiment and wipes us all out and starts over. Like the Matrix. Yeah, I said it.

Now onto second breakfast. "Well, we've had one yes. But what about second breakfast?" Love LoTR. Anyhow, I had two breakfasts this morning. Chalk it up to being really early (time to kill) and not smoking. Who knows. My point is second breakfast consisted of a grande non fat extra hot white chocolate mocha no whip and a pumpkin scone from Starbucks. It was great.

Felt a little gross afterwards (scone, chocolate, CNN news) so I decided to investigate the damage and headed on over to the Starbucks site for some nutrition information.

My scone came to 11 WW Points and my NONFAT NO WHIP white chocolate mocha came out to 7 WW Points. Second breakfast equalled 18 points. I'm only allowed 22 for the entire day. I am the average weight of Americans. That means that the average sized American should only consume 22 points in one day.

Think about this. Think of the amount of people you know who have a scone or muffin and a venti cappuccino drink with fatty milk EVERYDAY for breakfast. In that one "meal" they consume in transit and barely even get to enjoy, they actually consume what the government and every nutrition fact in the country says they should consume in an entire day! And people still wonder why Americans are so obese. It should be illegal to put 24 grams of fat in a breakfast scone. Disgusting.

I really do believe that American youth are so fucked up in part due to this nutrition cluster fuck. This is part of the reason why I'm trying to get healthy now. The healthier I am, I believe the healthier my make believe child will be.

Side note: I told Mike the other day I would rather die without having experienced motherhood than bear a child without making a combined income of $100,000/year or without living in a CLEAN relatively safe environment with an excellent school disrict. Basically, no children in NJ unless I can afford the few very nice towns. I have terrible anxiety and I'm a nervous wreck. I actually don't think I'd make a good mom. I'm afraid I'd make my child afraid of the world instead of teach him to embrace it and change what he doesn't like about it. Other than that, I'd make a great mom. But I am a nervous wreck. It's a dangerous world out there. I don't live in a nice enough place to forget it. I live amongst crime and homelessness and one of the worst school districts in the country. I don't see the good.

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theKirkness said...

i tried WW once. its too strict for me. but then meg started the "fat flush" diet. talk about strict, you cant even have tap water or salt. its insane.

WW makes you aware of shit you consume tho. like one twinky is you weeks allowed points. its crazy. its hard to do if you dont have support... do you go to the meetings? oh man those people.