Friday, March 03, 2006

A Shameful promotion

Damn, I thought what Kirk had for lunch last week was nasty, but Steve has set a whole new low.

For your entertaining pleasure, I recommed to you Steve, Don't Eat It. Thanks to Kirk's friend who brought this masterpiece in nastiness to his attention and then Kirk for bringing it to mine.

In terms of writing alone, you'd think Steve is a good writer; intelligent, witty and a great player of words. But in terms of what he writes about, what a fucking jackass.

Eating things I can't understand were ever even packaged let alone put on supermarket shelves for human consumption, Steve is saying F YOU to his tastebuds.

Checking ingredients for 'smokers lung', trying out a chocolate flavored version of his wife's breat milk, and trying something super nasty that have nestled in this mound of compost [a] li'l packet of mustard. In its place I would strongly recommend a written apology. Yeah, he had that to say amongst other things about the fermented soy beans.

So do check it out. But, um, not while you're eating. Or your lunch might soon look like something Steve shouldn't eat.

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theKirkness said...

thanks for the plug. dude steve's dont eat its rule.. the sneeze is all around great anyway tho. his kids jokes rule.

FYI: i posted my recap of my arizona trip.