Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, no, nevermind

So I finally got fed up and called a real estate agent. I did not do this sooner because I thought using an agent would cost me a fortune. Little do I know. For only a $20 application fee, Krista, my new agent, will find me what I'm looking for. "Oh, there's lots of houses for rent in your price range and where you want to live. I'll send something over to you by the end of the day."

Halleluljah! The angels sang and the sun shined and a weight was lifted. I'm all ready to sit back and have a margarita and celebrate my reprieve from hunting and kick back. Yes? No.

So about ten minutes later, (mind you, I had already called Mike and told him the great news) I get an e-mail from Krista with four locations.

None are in Haddonfield or Collingswood and none of them do anything for me. I write her back and choose my words perfectly. I thank her and ask her two questions about one location. I offer her a list of more specific requirements to "guide you in your search." I inform her that "I very much look forward to hearing from you again soon and that hopefully some locations in Collingswood or Haddonfield pop up."

Mike tells me to drive by the one that was decent. They all have garages so he's happy. (Required)

Should I put my faith in Krista, call another agent, stop even thinking about it until April at least, keep hunting or all of the above?


theKirkness said...

do you think its weird that someone you dont know on the other side of the country can read about your house hunt and how it makes you feel.

blogs are weird. thanks for reading about my stupid life.

Criscipline said...

Well, I don't have much else to talk about.

I love your humor. That's why I read about your stupid life.

theKirkness said...

i try to keep in entertaining.. yours is too but all the text intimidates me. whatever happened to locking your diary and keeping it hidden under your bed? now people write everything for the WWW to see. its just a crazy world we live in.. and is the ghetto.

about the pin link... i saw a really cool artist that did them but i couldnt find the link. flames and pinups and stuff, thought you'd be into them. i hastily posted the google link for lack of something substantial.

good luck on the house hunt. i live in a studio loft in my girlfriends moms garage. yay!

theKirkness said...

oddly, those look like the ones i wanted to show you.. but the ones i found were by a dude and he did boxes too. i forget where i got the link from tho.. oh well. yea we pay $450/mo and its fully insulated, has all the emmenities. toilet, windows and everything!

theKirkness said...

if you have gmail, you can IM via gmail chat.. its pretty rad.