Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Crying like a little kid with a skinned knee

So winter came back today to kick spring's butt for treading where it didn't belong. Spring ran off like a whiny little baby and winter turned the tears to ice and it snowed for a little while. The wind will make direct attempts on my life so I haven't bothered to smoke today or go outside for that matter. I took the bus and subway this morning. These days aren't made for walking.

So as of this morning, I've lost 15.6 lbs since January 2005 and I'm super excited. I lost 1.2 lbs since last Wednesday. It's been a slow grueling journey but I'm still ahead. I know this isn't very exciting.

Other than that, I'm really stressed and my left shoulder around to my back is killing me and I've slept like complete grabage the past two nights which is odd for me.

Tomorrow's the big day and Mike called me today just to let me know he is "excited." Mike's never once said he was excited about anything. Normally it's just, "Hey, Mike, I'm so excited. Are you excited?" "Yeah, sure."

Project Runway is over and Top Chef has taken its slot so I'll watch it at 10:00 tonight. It's not so bad. I caught the premiere rerun over the weekend and I'm so glad the biggest asshole got the chop the first episode. There's a line between keeping the jerk on for ratings and drama and the jerk hurting your ratings. I would have never watched the show again if they kept that one dude on. I'm glad they realized he crossed the line. (We all remember how Santino only lasted as long as he did because he was 'Project Runway'.) He worked the line.

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the surreal life.